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Looking back at Clements Mountain (8,760-ft.) towering above the Logan Pass area

The Garden Wall / Highline Trail

Distance: 4.0 - 11.6 miles (Round Trip)

One of my favorite trails in the park, this moderately easy hike along the western flanks of the Continental Divide features panoramic views of the Livingston and Lewis Ranges along with excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

View of Iceberg Peak and Iceberg Lake

Iceberg Lake

Distance: 5.0 - 9.6 miles (Round Trip)

One of the most popular hikes in the Many Glacier area ascends a scenic valley to stunning Iceberg Lake, an aquamarine jewel cradled beneath a dramatic steep-walled cirque. Along the way enjoy fine views of the peaks surrounding the Swiftcurrent Valley, Ptarmigan Falls and the Ptarmigan Wall.

Panorama of high peaks from Comeau Pass

Sperry Glacier

Distance: 7.6 - 18.4 miles (Round Trip)

This spectacular hike climbs through gorgeous Glacier Basin, passes beautiful waterfalls and lovely alpine lakes before climbing to scenic Comeau Pass, with panoramic views of Glacier’s high peaks. A short walk beyond the pass leads to the ice expanse of Sperry Glacier.

The Sexton Glacier on the eastern flanks of Matahpi Peak

Siyeh Pass

Distance: 9.2 miles (Round Trip)

A scenic ascent of beautiful Preston Park and then a steep climb up pretty meadows and talus slopes leads to Siyeh Pass and the Baring/Boulder Divide, where stunning views unfold to the Sexton Glacier, Matahpi Peak, the Baring and Boulder Creek Valleys and beyond.

View to the northwest from the pass

Dawson Pass

Distance: 8.5 - 13.0 miles (Round Trip)

This terrific day hike leads to a high pass on the Continental Divide with breathtaking views of the Lewis Range and the Big Horn Basin. Along the way the trail enjoys stunning views of Two Medicine Lake, traverses scenic meadows and offers the chance to see wildlife.

Piegan Mountain and the Piegan Glacier

Piegan Pass

Distance: 9.0 miles (Round Trip)

Splendid views of the peaks along the Continental Divide and rimming the Siyeh Creek Valley are the highlights of this scenic hike to Piegan Pass (7,570-ft.).

Terrific views down the length of Gunsight Lake

Gunsight Pass

Distance: 19.4 miles (One Way)

Memorable backpack over Gunsight and Lincoln Passes travels by gorgeous Gunsight Lake and Lake Ellen Wilson set amid towering peaks adorn with glaciers and waterfalls. Wildflowers and wildlife add to the hike’s delights.

Going-to-the-Sun Mountain

Siyeh Bend to Sunrift Gorge

Distance: 10.1 miles (One Way)

Stunning views of Preston Park, the Baring-Boulder Divide and the Baring Creek Valley are the highlights of this great hike circumnavigating the Going-to-the-Sun Mountain and Matahpi Peak massif. The hike uses the Glacier shuttle bus to complete the loop.

View from the Overlook

Hidden Lake Overlook and Hidden Lake

Distance: 2.6 - 5.2 miles (Round Trip)

Nonstop, panoramic views of the high peaks and alpine meadows around Logan Pass and a stunning overlook above Hidden Lake Basin make this one of the most popular outings in Glacier National Park. Extend the hike by visiting beautiful Hidden Lake.

Lake Ellen Wilson and Mount Jackson

Gunsight Pass from Sperry Chalet

Distance: 8.5 - 10.2 miles (Round Trip)

Cross two passes and travel above the shores of Lake Ellen Wilson on this superb hike with unsurpassed views of Mount Jackson, Gunsight Mountain, Lake Ellen Wilson and Gunsight Lake. Waterfalls, wildlife sighting and wildflowers add to the trail’s appeal.

View of Old Man Lake from the switchbacks climbing to Pitamakan Pass

Dawson Pitamakan Loop

Distance: 15.2 - 17.4 miles (Round Trip)

This long, strenuous hike, best done as a backpack, travels through some of the best scenery in the southern half of Glacier National Park.

Waterfall emanating from Salamander Glacier tumbling down a cliff and into Upper Grinnell Lake

Grinnell Glacier

Distance: 7.2 - 10.4 miles (Round Trip)

This popular hike, with fabulous views of the Cataract and Grinnell valleys, climbs through pretty meadows and along rock ledges to Upper Grinnell Lake and Grinnell Glacier, cradled in a dramatic cirque along the Continental Divide.

Bullhead Lake and the Swiftcurrent Valley from the trail to Swiftcurrent Pass

Swiftcurrent Pass

Distance: 8.0 - 13.6 miles (Round Trip)

This beautiful hike up the Swiftcurrent Valley passes a chain of lovely lakes with terrific views of the surrounding peaks and then climbs a steep trail up to a pass on the Continental Divide. The trail to the divide features panoramic views of Swiftcurrent Glacier and the valley

Rainbow, Square and the Cerulean Peaks from the Lookout

Numa Ridge Lookout

Distance: 11.8 miles (Round Trip)

A lovely drive up Glacier’s North Fork Valley leads to Bowman Lake. Here the Numa Ridge trail climbs its namesake ridge to a working fire tower with fine views of the peaks rising along the southeast side of the lake and west across the North Fork Valley.

Grinnell Lake on a clear day

Grinnell Lake

Distance: 7.0 miles (Loop)

Combine the north and south shore trails around Lake Josephine to create an easy, scenic day hike to exquisite Grinnell Lake, set amid a spectacular cirque. Glaciers along the flanks of the cirque feed photogenic waterfalls that tumble down steep cliffs to the lake’s western shore.

Glacier Lake

Gunsight Lake

Distance: 12.2 miles (Round Trip)

A hike through forest with limited views leads to stunning vistas of Mount Jackson Gunsight Mountain and Fusillade Mountain towers above gorgeous Gunsight Lake as well as views of Citadel Mountain, Mount Logan and the Blackfoot and Jackson Glaciers.

Edwards Mountain

Sperry Chalet via the Gunsight Pass Trail

Distance: 12.4 miles (Round Trip)

A sustained ascent through trees for 4.0 miles and then more open terrain leads to the foot of stunning Glacier Basin, the Sperry Chalet and Sperry Campground. The area is a great basecamp for visiting the Sperry Glacier, Lincoln Pass and Gunsight Pass.

Looking west toward Vigil Peak,Battlement Mountain, Statuary Mountain and Church Butte from Two Medicine Pass

Cobalt Lake and Two Medicine Pass

Distance: 9.0 - 15.4 miles (Round Trip)

This hike travels up a long, pretty valley to Cobalt Lake and then climbs to a scenic pass on the Continental Divide with panoramic views of the peaks surrounding the Park Creek Valley to the west along with Sinopah Mountain, Mt. Rockwell and Painted Teepee Peak.

View from Firebrand Pass

Firebrand Pass

Distance: 10.2 miles (Round Trip)

Lovely, lightly trafficked trail ascends to a high pass in the southern section of Glacier National Park with fine views of the peaks rising above the Railroad Creek and Ole Creek Valleys. In season the meadows along the trail are awash in wildflowers.

The Garden Wall and Mount Gould

Piegan Pass from Many Glacier

Distance: 13.0 miles (Round Trip)

Long beautiful hike up the Cataract Creek Valley to Piegan Pass features stunning views of the high peaks and rugged ridge defining the Garden Wall. From the pass view stretch southeast to Mt. Siyeh, Matahpi Peak and Going to the Sun Mountain.

Mt. Merritt (10,004-ft.) and the Old Sun Glacier along with Natoas Peak rise along the west side of the Belly River valley

Ptarmigan Tunnel

Distance: 11.0 miles (Round Trip)

This moderately strenuous hike ascends to a tunnel piercing the Ptarmigan Valley’s knife-edge headwall with stunning views of the peaks soaring above Many Glacier area to the south and the Belly River Valley to the north.

Mount Vaught, McPartland Mountain and Heavens Peak

Mount Brown Lookout

Distance: 10.2 miles (Round Trip)

Breathtaking views of the high peaks of the Lewis Range to the north, the summits of the Great Bear Wilderness to the south and the Lake McDonald area reward hikers completing this strenuous climb to a fire tower on Mt. Brown’s southwest ridge.

Peaks towering above Two Medicine Lake

Scenic Point

Distance: 6.2 - 7.7 miles (Round Trip)

Panoramic, bird’s-eye-views of the high peaks rimming the Two Medicine Valley and beyond is the reward for hikers making the sustained, moderately-steep climb to a ridge high above the southeast end of Two Medicine Lake.

Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Lake

Distance: 6.0 miles (Round Trip)

This popular hike, traveling through a forest of red cedars, larches and western hemlocks, leads to photogenic Avalanche Lake. The first section of the hike enjoys fine views of Avalanche Creek. For more great views of Avalanche Creek, return via the Trail of the Cedars.

St Mary Falls

St Mary and Virginia Falls

Distance: 3.2 - 3.8 miles (Round Trip)

If you like waterfalls you’ll love the hike to beautiful St. Mary and Virginia Falls. The short, popular hike features mountain views and an ascent up the lovely Virginia Creek Valley, passing multiple smaller cascades before reaching impressive Virginia Falls.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls and Upper Two Medicine Lake

Distance: 2.2 - 9.8 miles (Round Trip)

This easily hike features stunning views of the peaks surrounding the Two Medicine Valley, visits a beautiful pair of cascading waterfalls and a end at a scenic lake ringed by rugged peaks.

Closeup of Morning Eagle Falls with Piegan Mountain and the Bishops Cap in the background

Morning Eagle Falls

Distance: 6.4 - 9.2 miles (Loop)

This pleasant hike visits two pretty waterfalls, Feather Plume Falls and Morning Eagle Falls, in the lovely Cataract Creek Valley. Beyond the falls the trail climbs steeply to Piegan Pass.

Mt. Brown towering above Snyder Lake

Snyder Lake

Distance: 8.5 miles (Round Trip)

This pleasant jaunt leads to pretty Snyder Lake set amid a rugged cirque. The trail is a nice early season option and offers a good workout. Areas burnt by the 2017 fire are recovering and now feature good views of the surrounding peaks.

Virginia Falls

Three Falls

Distance: 5.3 miles (One Way)

This great little hike visit three scenic waterfalls and travels through a section of the 2015 Reynolds Creek Fire where burnt timber has opened new views. The point-to-point hike makes use of the Park’s excellent Shuttle Bus system.

Sacred Dancing Cascade

Johns Lake Loop

Distance: 1.9 miles (Loop)

This nice hike near the head of Lake McDonald passes peaceful John’s Lake and then wanders by Sacred Dancing Cascade and McDonald Falls along McDonald Creek. Great hike for families or anyone looking for an easy stroll near the Lake McDonald Lodge.

View from the lookout

Apgar Lookout

Distance: 7.2 miles (Round Trip)

This nice hike ascends to an old fire lookout atop a shoulder of Apgar Mountain with partially obstructed birds-eye-views of the Lake McDonald area.

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