Bernese Oberland

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The Jungfrau from Tanzbodeli


Distance: 8.2 - 8.9 miles (One Way)

The best hike in Lauterbrunnen climbs steeply to Tanzbodeli, an incredible overlook atop a high grassy plateau with jaw-dropping, panoramic views of the high peaks towering above the Lauterbrunnen and Sefinen Valleys. The return via Obersteinberg is packed with visual delights.

Views of the Bernese Alps from the hike to Schynige Platte

First to Schynige Platte

Distance: 10.2 miles (One Way)

My favorite hike in the Grindelwald area features fabulous views of the Bernese Alps stretching from the Wetterhorn, Eiger, Jungfrau and the Breithorn in the Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen valleys to the Bluemlisalp massif in the southwest.

Ober Bergli and the Bluemlisalp glacier

Hohturli Pass

Distance: 9.8 - 10.4 miles (Round Trip)

The highest pass on the Alpine Pass route, one of the most beautiful lakes in the Swiss Alps and bird’s-eye views of a dramatic glacier are some of the scenic rewards of this steep, strenuous hike to Hohturli Pass from Kandersteg

Great views of theWestterhorn, Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau

Murren to Griesalp via the Sefinenfurgge

Distance: 10.4 miles (One Way)

This splendid hike over the Sefinenfurgge, the second highest pass on the Alpine Pass Route, enjoys impressive views of the high peaks towering above the Lauterbrunnental, Sefinental and Kiental valleys.

The big three, the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau, from the overlook

Mannlichen to Wengen

Distance: 10.8 miles (One Way)

A triad of giants, the Eiger, the Monch and the Jungfrau, dominate the incredible views along this scenic hike from Mannlichen to Wengen.

The Schreckhorn, Finsteraarhorn, Fiescherhorn massif and the Eiger

Grosse Scheidegg to Bussalp

Distance: 3.5 - 8.9 miles (One Way)

Panoramic views of the 4,000-meter peaks, glacial cirques and deep gorges to the south of Grindelwald are the highlights of this terrific hike between Grosse Scheidegg and Bussalp.

Amazing sheer walls along the flanks of the peaks ringing the Oeschinensee

Griesalp to Kandersteg via Hohturli

Distance: 9.1 miles (One Way)

A scenic pass, the dazzling Bluemlisalp glacier and jaw-dropping views of the stunning cirque towering above the beautiful Oeschinensee are ample rewards for this very strenuous hike over the highest pass along the Alpine Pass route.

Great views of the peaks forming the cirque above the Oeschinensee

Oeschinensee Loop

Distance: 5.2 miles (Loop)

This terrific loop trail features ever-evolving views of the magnificent glacial cirque towering above the Oeschenensee, one of the most beautiful lakes in the Swiss Alps.

The Bernese Oberland peaks dominate the view to the southwest

Engstlenalp to Meiringen

Distance: 6.4 miles (Round Trip)

This beautiful hike from Engstlenalp to Planpatten visits the scenic Tannersee, takes in the terrific views atop the Balmeregghorn and then travels to the overlook at Planplatten with incredible panoramic views of the high peaks towering above five valleys

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The Region, the Hikes & the Base Camps

The Berner Oberland in western Switzerland is best known for the Bernese Alps. While not as high as the peaks in the Valais, this spectacular range is famous for a trio of massifs – the Eiger, Monch and the Jungfrau, along with splendid scenery and excellent hiking trails. The most spectacular portion of the Alpine Pass Route, a long distance hiking trail, passes through the heart of the Bernese Alps from Meiringen to Kandersteg. Each day the route travels through breathtaking scenery, crosses panoramic high passes and wanders through lush meadows sprinkled with wildflowers. Along the way hikers are treated to a diversity of Swiss villages from small hamlets, such as of Lauterbrunnen, to the popular ski resort of Grindelwald.

It should be noted that the region is rainier than the Valais but the extra moisture enhances the scenic beauty of the region with a verdant landscape creating magical contrasts with the rugged, glacier clad peaks.

Base Camp Information: Grindelwald / Lauterbrunnen / Griesalp / Kandersteg / Engstlenalp / Meiringen